Two-Thirds of Channel Managers Struggle to Maximize Partner Revenue

In "The Data-Driven Channel," we surveyed 319 channel managers to measure how effective they are at generating revenue through the channel with the resources provided to them. The channel is an important revenue driver for companies, because it empowers them to sell far beyond their direct sales force. However, the research revealed that channel managers are generally unsatisfied with the resources at their disposal, limiting their potential revenue impact. 

Key finding from the survey include:

  • 69 percent of channel managers don’t track both revenue and partner activities, meaning that less than one-third track all of the activities that lead to increased revenue.
  • Only 25 percent of channel managers track both portfolio depth and the number of leads brought in by partners.
  • Nearly half of respondents believe they spend a lot of time on tasks that may not make their channel partner(s) more productive.
  • It takes most channel managers at least 20 minutes to calculate the revenue of just their largest partner from the past six months – assuming they can determine it at all.

To learn more channel managers' satisfaction with the tools and resources provided to them, and how activities like channel partner engagement and measurement impact revenue, download the report using the form to the right. 

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